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Incubator Funds
Many Traders dream of having their own hedge fund but hesitate for a variety of reasons.  Some hesitate because start up costs can be high, especially for a trader who does not yet have investors, another reason is the lack of a usable track record.  Starting with a Incubator Fund allows you the time to create a stellar, marketable performance record to attract investors.  The type of Hedge Fund Formation structure can be catered to your needs.
We will offer the same level of expertise and personal service to an Incubator fund as we would to any other investment vehicle.  Some Firms offer cookie cutter hedge fund legal document to new managers which can be dangerous.  We will spend the time to work with you to articulate your trading strategy and to prepare for the ultimate launch of your Hedge Fund.

An Incubator Fund is a truncated fund that is meant to trade your own funds.  You can use this fund to try out different trading strategies and to create a trading track record that you may then utilize in your pitch to potential investors or to a Prime Broker for capital introduction.
For an Incubator Fund we create the Limited Liability Company as your management company and the Limited Partnership as your fund.  We do not provide you with an Offering Memorandum or a Subscription Agreement.  We not do not provide you with a Blue Sky memorandum or file anything with the SEC on your behalf.  You may not solicit outside funds from investors until you have an Offering Memorandum and Subscription Agreement.
Once you have an established track record you can then take the next step to create the Offering Memorandum, Subscription Agreement, at this point we will need to complete regulatory filings on your behalf with both the SEC and under the Blue Sky laws of the individual states.

SGA will assist you in choosing the appropriate Hedge Fund Formation structure for your investors.

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